Mobile Automation Platform
for Medical Device Distribution

streamlines in-Field workflow management, task distribution, collaboration with teammates, Case management, inventory management, and more

All Your Case Management Needs in the Palm of Your Hand

Digital Collaboration in a post-Pandemic World

Connects Directly to your ERP

The SurgicalHQ platform is focused on dramatically improving the productivity of in-field staff.


  • Location, Date, Time Aware
  • Real-time Notifications
  • Surgery Scheduling & Case Management
  • Surgeon CRM
  • Real-time inventory data, Instant Barcode Scanning, Consignment visibility
  • Purchase Order Management, Reporting & Billing
  • Team Collaboration
  • Off-line Access and Synchronization

Optimizes Field Sales Teams

More Efficient Field Teams & Case Management

SurgicalHQ transforms the current outdated manual process of ordering and distributing medical supplies and devices between brands, distributors, and hospitals/doctors to a fully digital process. This drastically improves efficiencies, reducing time, cost, and errors all while allowing for safe, social distance between field agents and doctors.


  • All of your customers in one place
  • Inventories refreshed in real-time
  • One easy-to-use calendar, messaging, and data-sharing ecosystem
  • Case communication inside the platform that includes all stakeholders
  • Platform allows every key stakeholder to collaborate on each case and to share anything and everything needed for a successful surgery

Operations Management

Command & Control from Desktop or Mobile

Manage inventory for all cases from sourcing to picking to shipping to receiving to replenishment. 


  • True visibility and control for all inventory (loaners, consignment, etc.) in one simple system.
  • Gain powerful data analytics (turn ratios, demand forecasting, etc.) to help you prepare for a smoother tomorrow.
  • Full suite of platform analytics

Modernized Training

24/7 Training, Anyplace, Anytime

One big challenge ERs and even overwhelmed hospitals can face is training on new or existing medical equipment/devices. Build a vast repository/library for digital training on your smartphone.


  • User Guides and How-to videos that can be accessed directly by scanning a QR Code
  • This can be a helpful and efficient shortcut during normal times, but especially helpful during emergencies
  • Saves money on costly printing and delivery
  • Always available in the palm of your hand
  • Easy, instant updating and deployment to your sales teams, hospitals, doctors, nurses and support staff