A More Efficient, Modern and Valuable Distributor

A fully integrated case management platform for sales, operations and it

For Sales Teams

Open the SurgicalHQ app each day to see a bird’s-eye view of all of your day’s cases and tasks. Now you have a tool that makes collaboration a breeze, makes access to information simple and mobile friendly, and reduces the amount of time spent on a laptop or other non-mobile device.

  • User-friendly experience (UX)
  • Review Billing and Purchase Orders
  • Track Consignment Inventory
  • Team Communication & Task Creation
  • Product Scanning
  • Intelligent/Location-aware
  • Surgeon Profiles
  • Training Info and Videos

Smooth Operations & Inventory Management

Track all of your inventory from the moment it is picked to packed, shipped and utilized to returns and replenishment. Put some structure around your inventory management and gain peace of mind.

  • Scheduling
  • Request Products
  • Usage capture
  • Scanning
  • Inventory Replenishment
  • Analytics

Sales Management

When a Manager logs into the app they have the ability to monitor and contribute to cases for all of their reps.

Evaluate each rep by metrics such as Tasks Opened/Closed and many more. You can also monitor who is using the SurgicalHQ app and which features they use most to identify power users who may be helpful with future roadmap requests for the app.

  • View Open Purchase Orders
  • Communicate Tasks and workflow with team
  • See Open or Overdue Tasks
  • Monitor Sales Rep performance